Our clients speak out.

"A wonderfully relaxing experience."

My massage at Golden Hands was a wonderfully relaxing

experience. I'm a mother of 3 young children, a Personal

Trainer, and keep active with Muay Thai boxing as well. I've

had numerous massages in the US and Asia and David is one of the best I've had. He was able to work out many of my kinks. David is passionate, knowlegeable, and skilled at what he does. Thank you!

Eleanor L.

Chiropractor Endorses Golden Hands Therapies Massage.

Being a chiropractor, I have had the opportunity to refer

Golden Hands patients for massage therapy. I know them

to always go "the extra mile" and give patients more than they

would expect. In spite of the many massage therapists I know, I choose Golden Hands when I am in need of massage therapy.


I feel totally confident in giving them the highest recommendation.

Patrick G. DeCarolis

"I am very fortunate to have
found David."

I have had chronic muscular, neck, shoulder and back

pain for a long time. David Heller is a dedicated

knowledgeable professional whose single goal is to relieve pain

and increase mobility. He is very good at what he does and has spent years learning various forms of medical and other massage techniques that he uses as best suits the particular condition.


He does that without consideration of time or effort on his part. That generosity is a rare find indeed and I am fortunate to have found David. He is a gem, the real deal, and is driven by a genuine desire to help.


I continue to be helped by his expertise. My hope is that others will learn about him and have access to his experience, skills and dedication.

Anna C.

"Monica helped re-balance my skin and restore that missing moisture."

Monica quickly diagnosed my skin problem as

over-drying (which is counter-intuitive when you're

having a break out) due to a different skin care regimen I'd

been on lately. She did extractions where I really wanted to see my skin look lighter and cleaner but didn't go crazy with it so my skin was left calm and smooth. The products she uses really helped re-balance my skin and restore that missing moisture.

Heather P.

Fitness Expert Endorses Golden Hands Therapies Massage.

I have had the good fortune of working with David for

the past 7 years. His expertise in the realm of massage

therapy enhances my performance while improving my flexibility.


He has an uncanny ability to know just what needs to be addressed, and it always relaxes and centers me.


I have worked with many massage therapists in my 30 plus years in the fitness industry and have found David to be the most effective, knowledgable and friendly. This is also why I have sent many of my clients to him for treatment, all who have had excellent results.

Rob Fisher