With Expert Esthetician,
Monica Heller.

20+ years of experience in skin therapy - and
only pure, natural products*. All for your benefit.

*None of our products are tested on animals.

Rejuvenating, Corrective Facials

Our facials won't just give you beauty and shine. They'll actually help repair your skin, making it healthier from the inside out. That's our specialty & passion.

port washington facials
  • The "My Skin is Normal, I Just Need a Cleanse!" Facial
    For normal / combination skin that just needs some love.

    This "perfect for anyone" treatment includes all of the essentials: Cleansing, exfoliation, light extractions, & massage. Customizations are made just for you and your unique skin. Enjoy relaxing, tropical aromas followed by a delicious milk chocolate mask and a cocktail of peptides and antioxidants. Your skin will rise from its lethargy, glowing and shining with pride. Perfect before big events.

    60 minutes. $90.

  • The "I'm Sick of Acne, Help!" Facial Peel
    For acne-prone skin that's driven you to the edge.

    If you too have tried countless facials, painful extractions, antibiotics, and expensive products promising the world... You're not alone. Many of our clients have come to us with this same problem, and we can help. We're proud to offer the Special Salicylic Peel. One Salicylic Peel can begin to clear things up with little pain, and visible results in as few as 7 days. Our special solution is designed to accommodate all skin types safely, with minimal downtime.

    Learn more about peels. Click here.

    60 minutes. $100.

  • port washington facials
  • The "Dry as the Sahara" Facial
    For dry / dehydrated skin.

    You’ve loved your foundation and used it for years, but somehow now it's just sitting on top of your skin and your creams aren’t penetrating. If you can relate, this is the facial for you. A delicious pumpkin cleanser containing a mild lactic acid solution followed by a papaya tangerine enzyme will give those dead-beat skin cells a fresh sweep.

    Next, we'll infuse your skin with a cocktail of anti-aging vitamins and peptides using the latest in micro-current technology. The result: Plump, hydrated skin, with a "non-greasy" feel, ready to take on the world.

    60 minutes. $100.

  • port washington facials
  • The "Just for Guys" Facial
    For men.

    Guys need to take care of their skin, too. Using special products specifically engineered for a man, including a blue Agave cleanser, a stone power exfoliate, and a cacti mask, this 45-minute treatment will work wonders. Blackheads, grease, and fine lines will suddenly disappear. Add a mild Sake peel for ingrown hairs for an add'l $30.

    45 minutes. $80.

  • The Treatment Just for Backs.
    For those who want to show off their backs.

    Not sure how your back is doing? Give it some TLC (tender loving care) and get ready to show it to the world. Cleansing, exfoliating, and extractions are key to keeping your back looking its best - and that's just what you'll get in this incredible treatment. Plus: the included relaxing massage on our BioMat will soothe all your stress. You won’t want to get up, promise!

    60 minutes. $150.


You're going to love the way you look. And feel.

You can relax when you're here. And when the treatment's over, you're going to feel like a whole new you: beautiful, vibrant, glorious. Inside and out.

port washington facials

"She was calm, understanding & very professional all the way through."

Monica was beyond great. I was nervous due to

previous unpleasant experiences. She took time to go over

my medical, listened to my concerns, and reassured me that I

am in good hands. She was calm, understanding and very professional all the way through.

Carol C.

port washington facials

What products do you use?

Rhonda Allison Skincare Products which combine the best of active natural ingredients with highly benefical, scientifically-developed compunds to create superior treatments that will TRANSFORM the condition of your skin, bringing it to its optimum condition.

Kimberly Sayer Skincare which is gentle, non-GMO and chemical - free based on the theories of ancient alchemists. An Award winning Skincare line that contains only the finest, steam distilled, certified organic ingredients.

Tata Harper highly effective and luxurious antiaging beauty products that are completely free of synthetic and chemical ingredients. Touted In Vogue, Oprah Magazine and the Huffington Post these skincare products come directly from a farm in Vermont.

We don't use anything animal-tested, and we are environmentally aware of the planet and endeavor
to "Go Green" whenever possible.