Dear Friend,

This is a safe space.

You can come with your stress, your troubles, your anxieties. You're allowed to not be perfect here. You're allowed to "not have it all together".

Because when you're here, your stress is soothed, releasing joy and freedom. Pain is relieved, and energy and invigoration grow in its place. Anxiety is smoothed over with a loving touch and a calm happiness spreads.

For decades, we've been using massage and beauty treatments to help people just like you let go of your troubles - and enjoy life. Whether it's a facial that makes you look and feel beautiful, inside and out… a massage that hits all the right spots… a hair removal treatment that makes you feel sexy and alive… or anything else we offer…

We have one goal: to take away those troubles you walk in with, so you can go back into your life a whole new you.

David Heller, Master Massage Therapist

For over 36 years, David has been using his "golden hands" to help people of all walks of life: famous athletes, doctors, and average men and women who need pain and stress relief.

He's a kind listener. And his hands seem to have an awareness of their own. They find all of the right spots with pinpoint accuracy. Even if you can't determine exactly where your pain is coming from - David will, within moments of your arrival.

Throughout his career, he's soothed pain in his patients that no one else could. He's released them from stress that's been held in their muscles for years. And he's allowed his patients to finally breathe easy, and live a joyful, stress-free life. As many others have said, David is the last massage therapist you'll ever need.

Monica Heller, Skin Therapist

Monica's clients always remark that they don't just look beautiful after a session with her… they feel beautiful, too. Her kind, loving touch seems to make skin shine and glow like never before.

She's also one of Manhattan's most sought-after estheticians. For over 20 years she's built her reputation as a caring, thorough professional.

However, you don't have to deal with the long commute to the city to work with her. Now you can get her expertise and talents from the convenience of Golden Hands' quaint Port Washington Studio. Once you have your first session with Monica, you'll see why her clients refuse to ever work with anyone else.

"Deeply Relaxing & wonderful."

I had a massage by David and a facial by Monica at

Golden Hands while visiting family and friends in NY last

week. David's massage was deep and effective (I'm a

physical therapist and have a pet peeve about just being rubbed without it causing any actual change).


I have been dealing with a cervical disc injury with symptoms down my arm as well as a forearm strain and he was able to work with both, increasing my comfort level while traveling that week significantly. It was also just deeply relaxing and wonderful.

Heather P.